Creating Historic Events for More than 30 Years

Our Story

Welcome to Events Catering, where we have been making history since 1987! It has been our extreme pleasure to be a part of so many celebrations, all of them unique and very special.

Craig and I started this business many years ago with not much more than guts and the desire to build our own destiny. We worked long, hard hours, had second jobs and spent many a sleepless night. I sold the parties, and then we’d go in a rented kitchen and make it happen. Luckily those days are far behind us as we have been very blessed. Our business grew, we got married, added venues to our mix, had a couple of kids, and now here we are, over 30 years later.

Some things have never changed though. We still strive to provide only the very best in food, beverage, and service. It is still very personal to us. The celebrations we are part of are once in a lifetime events, and we understand that it’s an honor to be a part of them. We make sure that each and every event is a memorable one.

We certainly appreciate your interest in our services and look forward to meeting you soon. We, along with our wonderful staff, are here to help make your event an historic one!

April and Craig Bloomer

Owners, Events Catering

The entire staff at Roswell Mill was truly professional.

The setting was amazing, the food delicious, the bar overflowing and the attention given to every detail made the event one that every guest raved about… Bravo!! Bravo!! Excellence indeed!